Sunday, November 11, 2007

Subway Surfers Cover THE FLESHTONES

The Subway Surfers are thrilled to announce that "Vindicated, A Fleshtones Tribute" is finally out!

Released by Dirty Water Records (UK) and available via
Pandemic Vinyl
this sizzling slab contains 23 killer tracks by the likes of the Hoodoo Gurus, Maggots, Slickee Boys, Hate Bombs, Slow Slushy Boys, Hate Bombs, Woggles, Swinging Neckbreakers, Insomniacs, Havox, Nomads (featuring Handsome Dick Manitoba), Tony Truant and, of course, The Subway Surfers.

PLUS a boatload of songs from bands from France, Spain, Italy and MORE.
(Did someone say "Secret Bonus Track???)

Click here
to buy it now, or Boston Paul will come to your house and make you pancakes (and he makes the WORST pancakes!)