Friday, May 05, 2006

GIG! May 5th: Wild Spirits (1843 1st Ave)

Cinco DeMayo

Announcing the first Poptown Records Showcase Night! Here’s some advanced notice…plan to spend Cinco de Mayo (that’s Friday 5/5) at a special showcase night at Wild Spirits, NYC with 9 killer bands! Included will be The Scared Stiffs, Lipstick Killers, The Skeevotz, Ugly Friend and The Subway Surfers!

Visit for more info.

Wild Spirits
1843 1st Ave
New York, NY 10128
Cross Street: Between 95th Street and 96th Street

  • 7:30 Sukker Punch

  • 8:15 The Skeevotz

  • 9:00 The Subway Surfers

  • 9:45 The Challenged

  • 10:30 Lipstick Killers

  • 11:15 The Scared Stiffs

  • 12:00 Ugly Friend

  • 12:45 The Young Werewolves

  • 1:30 Black Flamingo

See pics from the show here

Thanks to Tony the Squid for taking pics and to Miss Leesie for just being there.

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